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Is Breast Best?

Author: CYWAG Member UK

For women living with HIV, breastfeeding has often been vilified and potentially criminalized because of its potential to transmit HIV. However, breastfeeding can be a good option and in many cases a necessity in resource limited countries where women often have to make difficult trade-offs between HIV prevention goals and poor nutrition.

An Interview with Susan Paxton, PhD - The Global Advocate

Author: Sarah Feagan, Australia

Susan has been a mentor, a life saver and a dear friend to me. We met because of my HIV diagnosis and have become family. She is also a mother, hard core change maker, author, documentary film maker, artist, advocate, educator and matriarch of the HIV community globally.


Author: Sarah, Australia

8 years has passed since my diagnosis, and my focus has really tuned in to the needs of all women. Trans women, young and old women, CALD (Cultural & Linguistic Diverse) women. Such diversity and intensity. I am so excited so see where the next few years will take me.


Author: Sarah Feagan, Australia

Talking to women, activists, who have been in the regions I have read about, really angered and alerted me to the horrors that are happening throughout Asia, Africa and eastern Europe. HIV+ women are still being denied their human and sexual and reproductive health and rights!

An Interview with Colette Mukamusoni, Rwanda

Author: M. UWASE Nadège Rwanda June 2016

I am Colette Mukamusoni, a mother with one beautiful child; a lovely 26 year-old girl and working in Rwanda. After the 1994 Genocide, I worked for Compassion International and since 1999, I have been a UN staff since then in the WFP in charge of procurement. I am also an active member of the UNPLUS and UN CARES in Rwanda.