Norlela Binti Mokhtar

Norlela is the Chairperson from ICW AP elected in July 2015. She is the woman PLHIV representative for the CCM Malaysia, a member for the Technical Advisory Committee for UnZiptheLips Asia Pacific and the Chairperson of Persatuan Wahidayah Malaysia (PEWAHIM) since 2012. In 2012, Norlela started to manage the Wahidayah Home. She has a diploma …

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Marama Mullen

Global Chair Marama Mullen was born in to a life of poverty, drug and alcohol addiction, crime, hardship and social marginalisation. Despite being born a Māori, an Indigenous New Zealand woman, she was able to overcome her social health determinants, gain an education and rise above her HIV and social status. This ethnic pride restoration …

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Is Breast Best?

For women living with HIV, breastfeeding has often been vilified and potentially criminalized because of its potential to transmit HIV. However, breastfeeding can be a good option and in many cases a necessity in resource limited countries where women often have to make difficult trade-offs between HIV prevention goals and poor nutrition. At the same …

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ICW Global EN

As a ICW Global network, we exist to contribute towards securing and improving the quality of life for women living with HIV; including and not limited to: Informed recognition of human rights, as embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Meaningful involvement at local, national, regional and international levels in the entire process that …

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ICW Global ES

La visión de ICW Global es la de un mundo justo y sostenible donde todas las mujeres viviendo con VIH sean socias en igualdad y se vean implicadas de manera significativa y plena en las decisiones que afectan sus vidas. Soñamos con vivir en un mundo en el que las mujeres positivas tengan pleno acceso a cuidados …

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The only international network run by and for women living with HIV is the International Community of Women Living with HIV (ICW), which has existed since 1992. It was established as a result of the dire need that women living with HIV felt to influence the formulation of policy, as well as the severe lack …

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Positive and Pregnant: How Dare You

The study about “Positive and Pregnant: How Dare You” Information Reproductive Health, Rights, Women Released date: 17-Mar-2012 A study on access to reproductive and maternal health care for women living with HIV in Asia. Findings from six countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam. Download link: Positive and Pregnant: How Dare You