FAQs About ICW
FAQS about ICW
The International Community of Women Living with HIV and AIDS (ICW) is the only global network run by and for HIV positive women. Our network seeks to raise awareness of the myriad abuses which our members face, across the global community. Currently our membership covers over 130 countries around the world and our members – all HIV positive women, come from all walks of life, include magistrates, solicitors and other members of the judiciary. ICW’s vision is a world where HIV positive women:
•Have a respected and meaningful involvement at all political levels, local, national, regional and international, in any decision making that affects their lives
•Have full and equitable access to care and treatment
•And enjoy full rights, particularly sexual, reproductive, legal, financial and general health rights, regardless of their age, race, socio-economic status, sexuality or any other differentiating factor.

To this end, ICW advocates on policy, legislation and other decision making at all levels, which affects the quality of life and access to the human rights of all HIV positive women. Two broad areas of advocacy activity that the network is primarily involved in are:
•Access to care, treatment and support (ACTS), and
•Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR).

Women who are HIV positive around the world face numerous and compounding human rights abuses. These include violence from partners, rejection by families, rough treatment by health staff, job loss and worse. However those of us who have had access to the right care, support and respect from friends, family and health workers, and the right drugs when we have needed them, are now living healthy and productive lives, as full-time workers, sisters, partners and daughters, even after years of being HIV positive. And with that support also, many of our members have also given birth to healthy beautiful children, who are HIV negative. But the great majority of our members are denied these universal rights, thanks to fear, ignorance and unjust policies and practices. This is why ICW campaigns so strongly around these two core issues.

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