Future Strategy
A New ICW Strategic Plan on the Horizon
In 2003 ICW adopted a set of strategic objectives and outcomes that formed its International Strategic Plan (ISP) for 2003 - 2007. The objectives of this plan included:

- Strengthening the network and the regions
- Advocating for improvements in the availability and ccessibility of care and treatment services for HIV positive women
- Communicating information across the ICW network that promotes achievement of ICW's advocacy and networking goals
[ISP 2003 - 2007 in full]

These objectives have played an important role in focusing ICW's attention, energy and resources since 2003. Since the development of the first ISP, ICW as a membership network has experienced significant organisational growth in terms of membership, staffing and levels of income. At the same time, rapid change in the global context in which ICW operates necessitates regular reformulation of the response
to the epidemic.

What Next?
We aim to use two different lenses to reflect and strategise in order to develop our next International Strategic Plan.

- The first lens identifies and acknowledges achievements and the organisational strengths that contributed to those achievements but also flags up where ICW has not been effective and analyses the reasons for this.
- The second lens analyses the global context of HIV and AIDS to identify current developments and trends and looks at their potential implications.
Through this analysis we can identify where ICW would like to be in the big picture, given our vision and ISP. It will assist us to assess ICW's opportunities and challenges and formulate how ICW might respond to these

ICW needs your input
Therefore, we are asking ICW members to let us know what you feel are ICW's achievements and gaps in the following areas. What are the global and local challenges for us as an international network of HIV positive women and how we should address each area in the future?

- Advocacy - key issues and strategic aims
- MIPA (Meaningful Involvement of People Living with HIV & AIDS) the "how" of advocacy
- Research - gathering the voices and experiences of positive women
- Membership development - creating ownership
- ICW governance and movement strengthening
- Partnerships and alliances - who, why and how?

We would love to hear your views on the above.

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