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ICW News has been produced quarterly since 1996. It has proved an important tool in reducing the isolation of HIV positive women. Currently it is distributed to over 5,000 members and other organisations involved in HIV/AIDS work.

ICW News #45 (2009) (English)
ICW News #45 (2009) (French)

ICW News #44 (2009) (English)
ICW News #44 (2009) (French)
ICW News #44 (2009) (Spanish)

ICW News #43 (2009) (English)
ICW News #43 (2009) (Spanish)
ICW News #43 (2008) (French)

ICW News #42 (2008) (Spanish)
ICW News #42 (2008) (French)
ICW News #42 (2008) (English)

ICW News #41 (2008) (English)
ICW News #41 (2008) (Spanish)
ICW News #41 (2008) (French)

ICW News #40 (2008) (English)
ICW News #40 (2008) (Spanish)
ICW News #40 (2008) (French)

Women and Girls Living with HIV/AIDS: Overview and Annotated Bibliography (2007).
An overview of a range of issues faced by HIV positive women based largely on ICW research and documentation. Also includes a summary of key texts including a number produced by ICW. Esplen, E. and ICW, February 2007, Sussex: BRIDGE
Available in English, Spanish and French


ICW/GCWA Briefing papers (2006) (up-dated by ICW 2008)
The International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW) with support from the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS (GCWA) has produced a number of fact sheets. These frame key advocacy messages based on the findings of ICW project work on HIV positive women’s access to care, treatment and support, violence against HIV positive women, sexual and reproductive rights of positive women and criminalization.


- Violence against women
- Sexual and reproductive health and rights
- Access to care treatment and support
- Criminalization

- Informe sobre acceso a cuidados, tratamiento y soporte (ACTS)
- Informe sobre Salud y Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos (SDSR)
- Informe sobre violencia contra las mujeres seropositivas

Other briefing papers and position papers

HIV Positive Women, Pregnancy and Motherhood - ICW submission to the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Population
Development and Reproductive Health hearings on maternal morbidity.

Thinking positive - It is only by listening to those most affected, that we can bring about real change. Ahead of World AIDS Day, Luisa Orza and Jennifer Gatsi Mallet report on a groundbreaking project bringing together parliamentarians and HIV positive women in Namibia (2008)

Putting women back into gender - a briefing is the start of an exploration of the meanings and use of the words ‘women’ and ‘gender’ (2008)

ICW Project Briefing - The Namibia forced sterilization project was initiated when 3 of the 30 participants of an ICW advocacy training project with young HIV positive women, stated that they had been sterilized with out their informed consent. Now we have documented 40 cases and possibly 13 will be taken to court.

HIV positive women and abortion (with Ipas)
Sex, Life and the Female Condom: some views of HIV positive women (2005)

- Vision Paper on PozFem UK's reponse to the Strategy Review of the UK's National Strategy for Sexual Health and HIV (2008)

Vision Paper 6 (2007)
HIV Positive Women and Drug and Alcohol Use

Vision Papers (2004)

- HIV Positive Young Women
- Access to Care, Treatment and Support (ACTS)
- HIV Positive Women, Poverty and Gender Inequality
- HIV Positive Women and Human Rights
- Participation and Policy Making: Our Rights
- La Vision de ICW (2004)
- Les Jeunes Femmes Séropositives
- Accès à la Prise en charge, au Traitement et au Soutien (APTS)
- Les Femmes Séropositives, la Pauvreté et l'Inégalité des Genres
- Les Femmes Séropositives et les Droits de la Personne
- Participation et Elaboration de Politiques - Nos droits

La Vision de ICW (2004)
- Mujeres Jóvenes Seropositivas
- Acceso a Atención, Tratamiento y Apoyo (AATA)
- Mujeres Seropositivas, Pobreza y Desigualdad de Género
- Mujeres Seropositivas y Derechos Humanos
- Participación y Creación de Políticas - Nuestros Derechos

Visibility, Voices and Visions: A Call for Action from HIV positive women to policy makers (2004) - English

Visibilidad, Voces y Visiones: Participación y Creación de Políticas - Nuestros Derechos - Español

Visibilité, Voix et Visions: un Appel à l'Action Lancé par les femmes séropositives aux dirigeants politiques - Français



ICW documents coerced sterilization of HIV positive women in Namibia - report available. The Namibia coerced sterilization project was initiated when, during an ICW advocacy workshop for young HIV positive women, 3 of the 30 participants stated that they had been sterilized. This alarming fact initiated a series of focus groups and interviews that did in fact suggest that HIV positive women were being coerced or forced into sterilization by hospital staff - 40 of the 230 women we spoke to.


Now available - results from 3 mappings of HIV positive women's experiences of care, treatment and support in Namibia, Kenya and Tanzania, conducted by ICW.

- Namibia
- Tanzania
- Kenya


For a description of the project and all documents related to this project.


- Voices & Choices Thailand - Report from the Voices and Choices Thailand Project (2004)
The following publication from ICW also uses research from the Thailand Voices and Choices work:
- Oh, this one is infected - ICW's report on Women, HIV and Human Rights in the Asia Pacific region (2004)

The House of Our Dreams: building a positive future: proceedings of the ICW Voices and Choices workshop, Bobo Djioulasso, Burkina Faso, 1-7 August 2003 (available from ICW in hard copy)

Voices and Choices Zimbabwe report - Report from the Voices and Choices Project (2002)

Research conducted on SRHR with Ipas

Reproductive rights for women affected by HIV/AIDS: A project to monitor Millennium Development Goals 5 and 6 (2005), Ipas, Fundación de Estudio e Investigación de la Mujer (FEIM) did so in Argentina, the Gender AIDS Forum in South Africa, the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW) in Lesotho and Swaziland, de Encuentro de la Comunidad, A.C. (PECAC) in Mexico, and Women Fighting AIDS in Kenya (WOFAK)
Report from the second trial of the tool, featuring input from ICW Nambia and ICW Botswana.
For more information about this project and the ICW write-ups on our research in Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland.

Research conducted on SRHR, VAW and ACTS with Interact

‘Access to Care, Treatment and Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights and Needs of HIV Positive Women in Masindi and Busia Districts, Uganda’, commissioned by Interact Worldwide in collaboration with ICW East Africa (2007). The main objective of the pilot assessment was to establish the current levels of knowledge, service access and the policy environment in Uganda with regard to access to care and treatment, sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) as well as violence against women for HIV positive women in order to get a basis for advocacy for the rights of HIV positive women.

ICW member testimonies on SRHR, published by IPPF and ICW
Dreams and Desires: World AIDS Day - The Reality of Being an HIV Positive Woman Unfolds in 13 Personal Stories. Booklet from the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and ICW, 2004 (pdf)

SELF-ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST: MEANINGFUL INVOLVEMENT OF WOMEN AND GIRLS LIVING WITH HIV (MIWA) - This self-assessment checklist, developed by ICW for the NGO Code of Good Practice, will help you assess the degree to which your organisation is successfully implementing these principles. The questions are designed to be thinking points/guidelines to help you identify areas that are already at a ‘good practice’ level, and areas that need to be developed and strengthened.

This tool developed by HIV positive women from Swaziland and Lesotho, has been updated with resources to help users better use the tool. The tool was developed to help us monitor government commitments to HIV positive women's rights. The package now includes information about how the tool has been used by ICW and our partners, a training curriculum on how to use it, and some supporting resources on sexual and reproductive health, access to care, treatment and support and violence against women.

Positive Women Monitoring Change Tool (2008) - PDF
Positive Women Monitoring Change Tool (2008) - Word
more information about this project

ICW Poster: Participation Tree
(This is a large download - 1.2Mb JPG file)
This participation tree helps access where organisations are in relation to the involvement of HIV positive women and their organisations. Accompanying text for poster

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