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Support from ICW to the help initiatives to the Haitiís disaster
The International Community of Women living with AIDS, ICW, takes charge of the Aid to Aidís ask for help and asks to the more than 15 thousand members of the Global ICW that in the five continents are receiving this newsletter, to contact this fraternal organization, with which we have shared actions for a long time, to collaborate with the more than 120 thousand people living with HIV or AIDS in Haiti, in this critical moment.

Global ICW, also supports the action of the Crisis Committee that in the Dominican Republic is a part of COPRESIDS, under the leadership of the Doctor Gustavo Rojas. Thank you to all our members and to the rest of the almost 5 thousand contacts that surely will answer to this urgent claim.

Patricia Pérez
Chair Global ICW
(January 2010)
To make the collaborations:
Aid for Aids:
Jesus Aguais - Executive Director
New York
In New York: www.aidforaids.org
Dr. Gustavo Rojas
In Saint Dominic: www.copresida.gob.do
ICW Dominicana
Felipa García: [email protected]
Posted: 2010-09-04

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