Twelve Statements
The Twelve Statements of ICW
To improve the situation of women living with HIV and AIDS throughout the world, we need:

1. Encouragement and support for the development of self-help groups and networks.

2. The media to realistically portray us, not to stigmatise us.

3. Accessible and affordable health care (conventional and complementary) and research into how the virus affects women.

4. Funding for services to lessen our isolation and meet our basic needs. All funds directed to us need to be supervised to make sure we receive them.

5. The right to be respected and supported in our choices about reproduction, including the right to have, or not to have, children.

6. Recognition of the right of our children and orphans to be cared for and of the importance of our role as parents.

7. Education and training of health care providers and the community about women's risk and our needs. Up-to-date and accurate information about all the issues for women living with HIV/AIDS should be easily and freely available.

8. Recognition of the fundamental human rights of all women living with HIV/AIDS, particularly women in prison, drug users and sex workers. These fundamental rights should include employment, travel without restriction and housing.

9. Research into female infectivity, including woman-to-woman transmission,and recognition of and support for lesbians living with HIV/AIDS.

10. Decision making power and consultation at all levels of policy and programmes affecting us.

11. Economic support for women living with HIV/AIDS in developing countries to help them to be self-sufficient and independent.

12. Any definition of AIDS to include symptoms and clinical manifestations specific to women.

These 12 statements, written in 1992, can be copied and distributed - please acknowledge ICW.

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