ICW International Steering Committee (ISC) Announces Leadership Changes

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ICW International Steering Committee (ISC) Announces Leadership Changes

Released date: 10-May-2018

The International Community of Women Living with HIV (ICW) has been undergoing a process of strengthening our internal governance and communications policies
and practices, including prioritizing a strong focus on and commitment to, the best interests of the diverse women living with HIV in our networks
around the world. To ensure the success of the organization and to effectively achieve our vision and mission we have recently made some necessary
changes to our leadership within the International Steering Committee.

ICW’s International Steering Committee (ISC) takes its responsibilities to represent the interests of women living with HIV globally and its duties as
stewards of ICW’s vision and mission extremely seriously. Transparent and accountable leadership sometimes necessitates making difficult decisions
to fulfil our fiduciary and oversight duties and act in the best interest of the whole of the network. After a process of dialogue and very careful
consideration and discussion, several ISC members have been stepped down. These ISC members were stepped down as a result of serious failures to meet
with their agreed duties as members of the International Steering Committee which has resulted in harm to the organization.

In the coming weeks, there may be misinformation and rumours going around about the events leading up to these necessary changes. In the interest of transparency,
we share that this decision was unavoidable and was not taken lightly. We look forward to a new and committed set of ISC members representing our regions
joining us shortly.

The selection of new ISC members to fill these seats remains ongoing and will be led by our regional networks. ICW is entering a new phase of increasing
accountability and as such will be effecting changes to strengthen our governance and programming to ensure the organization is sustainable in to the
future. Over the next year, ICW will focus on strengthening our core competencies and expanding our programming to better meet the on-the-ground needs
of the networks of women living with HIV and key populations constituencies we represent globally.

We reinforce to ICW members, our strengthened commitment towards our mission and realizing our vision which is premised on inclusivity, mutual respect
and collaborative partnership in service to women and girls, particularly, women and girls living with HIV.