5 Best Male Fertility Supplements Of 2022

What Is Male Fertility?

Men’s health, both physical and emotional, is connected with fertility. When men have normal fertility, it correlates to healthy sexual life as well as the ability to conceive children, as statistics revealed in best male fertility supplements 2022. However, statistics show that 1 out of every 7 couples suffers from infertility issues. It could indicate that the male or the female partner or both suffer from infertility issues.

In the case of male infertility, there can be several causes such as:

  • Low production of sperm.
  • Blockages that prevent sperm delivery.
  • Abnormal sperm functions.
  • Illnesses or injuries.
  • Chronic health causes.
  • Lifestyle choices.

These and the above factors can contribute to infertile issues in males. The problem often gets highlighted when one is unable to conceive children with their partners. However, nowadays several treatments and best male fertility supplements can help men overcome such problems.

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Why Is It Important?

Men’s health and sexual confidence are all related to male fertility health. It is also important when a couple is trying to conceive a child. Fertility in men is directly related to them producing healthy sperm. It includes the right formation and growth of reproductive organs during the puberty stage. Also, testicles need to function properly. The right hormones need to trigger and produce testosterone.

This in turn helps maintain as well as trigger sperm production at a healthy rate. For this, testicles should function correctly. Also, the delicate tubes that transport sperm always need to be in good form. The sperm mixes with the semen, which is then transported outside the penis via ejaculation.

A healthy sperm count in semen is important. When the sperm count is low in a man’s semen, it decreases the chances of the sperm being able to fertilize the egg of the partner. When the sperm count is lower than 15 million in a milliliter of semen, then it is considered a low count. In other words, per ejaculation you should have at least 39 million or more.

Other features of male fertility are that sperm needs to be functional and mobile. If movement or mobility is abnormal, then the sperm will not be able to reach or be able to penetrate the egg of the partner.

Basic Medical Information

As ICW Global claims, when it comes to male fertility, certain medical factors determine good health. These mainly relate to factors such as the quantity, structure, and movement of sperms:

  • Quantity

Fertility, as defined medically, is about semen including at least a sperm count of 15 million per milliliter of semen. This needs to be the count found in single ejaculation of discharged semen. If the sperm count is lower than this, then it becomes more difficult for a partner to get pregnant. How to increase cum load size is what most fertility supplements strive to achieve.

  • Movement

This is also referred to as the motility of sperm. Sperms need to move through the cervix, through the uterus, and then through fallopian tubes. They then reach the egg and fertilize it. Pregnancy is likely when less than 40% of sperm ejaculated are moving. 40% is usually the threshold. If the sperm count is higher, then the chances of pregnancy are higher.

  • Structure

Sperms typically have long tails and oval heads. This structure of the sperm helps it to move and be ejaculated.

Male infertility can be caused by different factors. These could be environmental, such as exposure to certain pollutants or chemicals. Often, steroids or similar supplements can hamper normal fertility rates. Again, obesity or other diseases can be a reason for it. It often deals with your lifestyle – doctors recommend to live an active life, this really can help in boosting fertility. Also, several herbal or natural-based supplements can sometimes act as miracles.

Best Ways to Increase Sperm Count and How to Cum More

Natural remedies, including foods that help improve fertility as well as holistic treatments, are some ways to overcome infertility problems. As explained before, infertility usually refers to several sperms present in a semen sample as well as ejaculate volume. Fertility doctors usually assess sperm count when they do a routine analysis.

As per WHO guidelines, a healthy count of sperm is usually 15 million per milliliter. Per ejaculation, it should be 39 million or more. If you have a sperm count of below 15 million per ml then there can be fertility issues. Health professionals usually believe that certain factors influence levels of testosterone in the male body. In turn, it can impact the number and quality of sperm. It is found that infections, tumors, and genetic disorders can impact male fertility as well.

Foods and Natural Remedies

Certain natural remedies can help restore balance in sperm production and help increase sex health in men:

  • Regular Exercises

Those who exercise regularly or lead an active life can prevent problems such as low sperm count. Researchers have found that fertility rates and sperm quality have been on the decline in many Western nations. Despite such studies, there has been research into how a low count of sperms can be reversed in males. Research shows that those who exercise regularly can keep their hormonal systems in balance and in a healthy state.

Studies show that many people who are trying to overcome obesity or weight issues can increase their sperm count. Those who undergo 16 weeks of aerobic exercise with 50-minute sessions at least every week have a positive impact on sperm motility and count. This has been especially seen in men who were in their mid-forties, as against those who lead sedentary lifestyles and are obese.

Besides regular exercise, it is also important to get enough rest. Often fatigue sets in which can become persistent. If adequate rest is not taken then again sexual health is compromised. Hence, it is important to balance exercise with rest and a nutritious diet.

  • Quit Smoking

There have been many studies that show that participants who had smoking habits had reduced sperm count consistently. People who smoke less are in less danger of infertility issues as compared to heavy or moderate users of tobacco products.

  • Avoid Drug Use and Excessive Alcohol

Those who use cocaine, marijuana, and excessive alcohol will have a decreased sperm count. This has been proven by worldwide studies. Hence, it is best that one adopts a moderate intake of alcohol and abstains from illicit substances. A healthy lifestyle where such excesses are not found will help users to gain back their fertility count.

  • Avoid Certain Medications

This is yet another natural remedy that can go a long way to ensuring normal fertility count and cum enhancement. Medications such as anti-inflammatories, anti-psychotics, anti-androgens, antibiotics, opiates, and anti-depressants can harm male sexual health. Also, certain steroids as well as supplementary testosterone can have a negative impact. For such reasons, you should take such medication only under a healthcare provider’s directive. If you feel that a certain medication might affect your fertility, then you need to discuss this with your doctor.

  • Make Herbal and Vitamin Supplements Part of Your Diet

Fenugreek is known as a natural remedy for poor sperm count. As a result, many experts suggest that men make this herb part of their diet as well as how much zinc to increase sperm volume. There are several best male fertility supplements made from fenugreek seeds that can help improve sperm count and semen quality.

Besides fenugreek, one can also take vitamin D supplements. It has been found that calcium and vitamin D in adequate amounts in the bloodstream can help men maintain good sperm health. Research shows that those who suffer from calcium deficiency often have poor sperm count. Men can also benefit from Indian ginseng. This is a root that is known as a natural cure for sexual dysfunction. It is possible to buy such natural supplements from online health food stores easily.

  • Consume Anti-Oxidant-Rich Foods

Foods to increase sperm count include antioxidant-rich foods that help to remove harmful toxins from the body. They also help deactivate free radicals which can be harmful to the body. Many minerals and vitamins are anti-oxidants. Besides that, there are several leafy green vegetables and fruits which are known to have beneficial antioxidant properties.

All this contributes to a healthy sperm count in men. The antioxidants that contribute to a healthy fertility count in men are vitamin C, lutein, beta-carotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin.

  • Healthy Fats in Diet

Men need to consume healthy fats, especially omega-6 and omega-3 besides vitamins to help with male fertility. These are polyunsaturated fats that are vital for maintaining good health. There have been several studies that show how males can benefit from omega-3 fatty acid-enriched supplements. These are known to help increase sperm motility.

It is higher in males who take such supplements compared to those who do not. At the same time, men need to reduce their intake of harmful fats, such as foods that contain trans fats. This is especially high in unhealthy fatty food items. Once trans-fat consumption is reduced, it will help counter a low fertility count as well.

  • Limit Exposure to Contaminants

Those who are exposed more to congestion and pollution can experience low sperm count. Researchers have often linked environmental factors like toxic chemicals and polluted air as reasons for low sperm count. Hence, men who suffer from such a problem need to avoid environmental toxins. This will help improve overall health.

  • Limit Consumption of Estrogen and Soy-Rich Foods

These are food products that are rich in plant estrogen. The increased amount of this hormone in the bloodstream can counter healthy testosterone and sperm levels. There have been studies in China that show how planting estrogen at higher levels has led to low sperm count. There are several plastic or canned products that are high in estrogen levels. For instance, bisphenol-A compound is known to bind estrogen receptors and this can impact male fertility as well.

Review of 5 Best Male Fertility Supplements 2022



This is one product that claims to overcome limitations of sexual fertility in men from different aspects. The key ingredients in this product are Muira Pauma, L-Arginine, and L-Lysine. They help fortify the male reproductive system. Hence, problems like low sperm count are taken care of. Also, it helps boost semen’s natural production and turbocharge it.

Semenax claims to offer performance and enhanced sexual prowess. It helps increase seminal vesicle fluids, prostate gland fluid, and seminal plasma. Hence, hormones will flow easily in the bloodstream as well as be generated in the right amounts. It will also help increase sperm count and motility.

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Ingredients in Semenax, one of the best male fertility supplements, include a proprietary blend of herbs and amino acids sourced from South America, China, and Europe. There have been studies that show that combined with weight training and zinc supplements; this product has helped several customers boost their testosterone levels. Also, before opting to consume this supplement, one should refer to their physician. The cost of this product is about $79.95 for a one-month supply.

Pros and Cons


  • Great blend of herbs and amino acids
  • Boosts your performance in bed
  • A herbal supplement is safe to use
  • No side effects were reported
  • Free shipping


  • Quite a high price

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews about Semenax that we’ve found all over the Internet. The customers seem to be happy after using certainly the best male fertility supplements.

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Volume Pills

Volume Pills is a supplement designed to help improve libido in men as well as average ejaculate volume. Though one needs to consume it for a certain amount of time, it is known to have an effect. This supplement is known to boost libido and improve the quality as well as quantity of semen. It also comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee. You can purchase a 2-month supply of this product for $96.

Volume Pills are designed with quality health standards. It can be consumed as a dietary supplement. It helps increase volume for ejaculation and boosts sex drive. Those who have low sperm count can use the product to gain health benefits in this aspect. Ingredients in the product include herbs that are sourced from South America, China, and Europe.

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These ingredients are known to boost sperm count and motility. Unique ingredients in this supplement include Apigenin, Xian mao, zinc gluconate, and others. The product is priced at $56 for a 1-month supply. Though it is an herbal supplement, one should consult a doctor before taking it.

Pros and Cons


  • Designed with strict health standards
  • Lab studies show improvement in the quality and quantity of semen
  • Boosts your sex drive
  • The product comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee
  • It’s a safe dietary supplement


  • Results are not immediate
  • Might not suit everyone

Customer Reviews

Many customers have left their reviews to Volume Pills – this product is well-known and reliable.

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This is a supplement designed to enhance sexual performance and increase semen volume. It is made from premium, natural ingredients that are known to enhance sex drive in men. It helps increase blood flow and testosterone levels. The product has been scientifically proven as effective on how to increase sperm pressure.

Performance Naturals LTD is the manufacturer of the product. This UK-based company has created this product, which has FDA approval in the US as well.

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Ultraload pills are made with natural aphrodisiacs which can help to increase the level of nitric oxide in the bloodstream. It is a vasodilator that helps to relax as well as widens veins. This ensures a healthy flow of nutrients, oxygen, and blood. As a result, men can experience increased testosterone levels as well as increased semen volume. Users can buy a pack of 90 capsules that last a month.

The manufacturer recommends that users take three capsules per day. Many have noticed the benefits within a few days. For optimal usage, the manufacturer recommends a 3-month trial. One month’s supply costs $69.

Pros and Cons


  • Made of premium, natural ingredients
  • Includes aphrodisiacs
  • Proven beneficial to many
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • 100-day money-back guarantee


  • Natural ingredients may be allergic for some customers
  • Requires continued usage

Customer Reviews

This supplement is new to the market, so there are not so much reviews. But all of them are positive – we haven’t found and negative feedback on Ultraload.

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This is a supplement that is proven effective and recommended by doctors. It is made of natural ingredients that help increase sperm count as well as functionality. Hence, for men suffering from infertile problems, this can help boost and recover their sex drive. Semenoll can prove to be a fertility treatment for men, which is made of natural, clinically effective ingredients.

It is composed of ingredients such as maca root extract, zinc, Tribulus Terrestris, pumpkin seed extracts, l-arginine, and other beneficial herbs, foods that increase seminal fluid. The product can be a natural solution for those looking for a non-prescriptive cure. A month’s supply of the product comes at $60.  The manufacturer recommends that users at least buy a month’s supply of the same to see results.

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Pros and Cons


  • Can help you boost the sex drive.
  • Made of effective ingredients
  • Competitively priced
  • Comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee


  • Takes months to see results
  • Can cause digestive discomfort in some

Customer Reviews

A lot of men who used Semenoll left their reviews on the web. They claim that these pills really aid to conceive a child by boosting the semen volume and sex drive.

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VigRX Fertility Factor 5

If you are wondering what’s the best fertility pills to get pregnant?, this is a product recommended for those trying to conceive. It can be a natural, effective solution for men who have low sperm count. VigRX Fertility Factor 5is proven to help enhance fertility count in men. It can improve the shape of sperm cells, motility, and count. At the same time, it helps increase semen volume. Hence, men can improve their sexual well-being with this product. It can really increase both the quantity and quality of sperm in men, almost by 65%. However, men need to give it at least 3 months to see results.

The product comes for $59 for a month’s supply. It is made of natural ingredients such as Tongkat Ali LJ100, Panax ginseng, zinc, selenium, and Bioperine among others. There are no side effects, at least as per customer testimonials. Also, the 1 monthly supply comes with 30 capsules. The required dosage is 1 capsule per day. Though 3 months is the desired timeline, one should at least take the 1-month supply to see results.

Pros and Cons


  • It is safe and can be consumed alongside other supplements
  • Clinically proven to boost male fertility
  • The product ships globally
  • The manufacturer claims that there are no side effects


  • It will take at least 1 month to see results
  • Returns need to be done within 67 days

Customer Reviews

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Health Advice

Next info given by ICW Global. As mentioned above, it is apparent that lifestyle habits go a long way to ensure good testosterone production. The lifestyle changes that one needs to incorporate are the following:

  • Avoid Drug Use or Hormone-Based Supplements

Many men suffer from low sperm count due to the intake of drugs or hormone-based supplements. It is seen that illicit substances or hormone-based supplements such as steroids can interfere with male fertility count. As a result, it is best to avoid the usage of such products.

  • Reduce Weight

Obesity can also produce low fertility issues. As a result, it is important to do regular exercises. A person who lives an active life could really overcome such issues.

  • Follow a Well-Balanced Diet

It is also important to have a well-balanced diet as well as the best vitamins to increase sperm count. This should include an adequate amount of protein, carbs, minerals, and vitamins such as zinc. Including healthy fats in your diet is also important.

Best Male Fertility Supplements: Conclusion

The sections above showcase what are the common causes behind a male’s fertility problem. Nowadays it is often a result of a sedentary lifestyle. It can also be caused due to intake of steroids or illicit substances. No matter what the cause, many natural supplements can reverse the problem.

The five products mentioned above have undergone several clinical trials and are proven safe and effective. Several customer testimonials prove them as effective. One can choose to buy a product as per their location and availability of the same. Since all manufacturers have a money-back guarantee it is worthwhile for anyone to give these products a try.