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The Future

Future of ICW

ICW is aware that there is still a long way to go before the full scope of women living with HIV is acknowledged and solutions that take into account our needs, hopes, and desires are put into action. This is true even as progress in the global fight to end the HIV epidemic gives rise to discourse that would move HIV out of the forefront of the global development agenda. Women who with HIV often have their needs ignored in favor of those of their children, experience flagrant human rights abuses, inadequate and unsuitable care and assistance, stigma, and discrimination.

Despite all the restructuring, ICW and its local networks have permanently delivered high quality advocacy, programming, expertise and direct support for women with HIV all over the globe. Led by women living with HIV, ICW is positioned to boost the effectiveness and relevance of AIDS responses reaching all the discriminated women. ICW continues to hold both global decision making systems and organizations working on HIV/AIDS accountable to the needs of women living with HIV.

Since restructuring into autonomous regions in 2009, ICW has expanded our reach adding new ICW regional networks in the Middle Eastern and North African MENA) region, (the Caribbean, and in Western and Central African regions. ICW has changed laws and policies, led participatory research on sexual health and reproductive rights (SRHR), access to treatment, care and support (ACTS), and built a political voice for women living with HIV in Africa. We have emerged stronger and more focused and ICW remains universally recognized as the leading voice on issues impacting women living with HIV.

ICW is strong, relevant and poised to maximize the benefits of enhanced capacity and to address the needs of women living with HIV in the post-2015 agenda.

Together our voices are powerful. We are ICW!

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  • History

    Established in 1992 by women living with HIV in response to the consistent silencing and marginalizing of the concerns of women living with HIV.

  • Today

    Today, over 20 years later, ICW continues to be the only network run by and for women living with HIV. We work in 120 countries, through 10 regional networks.