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ICW International Steering Committee (ISC) Announces Leadership Changes

Released date: 10-May-2018

The Release of Walking in Our Shoes

Released date: 09-Mar-2018

Introducing The ICW Young Women Media Team

Released date: 17-May-2016


Released date: 30-Nov-2015

CW’s 16 days of activism 2015: End violence against sex workers

Released date: 25-Nov-2015

ICW Stands in Solidarity of the Kenyan Sex Workers Alliance Letter to the President of Kenya

Released date: 14-Oct-2015

CALL FOR ACTION! More Than Our Status! Our Bodies, Our Sexual & Reproductive Rights

Released date: 11-Aug-2015

ICW Files Petitions to Join Kenyan Lawsuit Against Forced and Coerced Sterilization of Women Living with HIV

Released date: 31-Jul-2015

Womens's Networking Zone unveils Roadmap to Durban 2016

Released date: 22-Jul-2015

New ICW and GNP+ Study on Early Infant Diagnosis Calls for Quality Information and Informed Choices for Women Living with HIV

Released date: 20-Jul-2015