THC Detox Plan: Best Ways To Get Weed Out Of Your System

The market for THC detox is getting bigger each day. Now people are using marijuana for more than recreational purposes. Smoking acts as a stress-buster for many. It gives them an unusual kick making them feel good. Back in the day, people were not accepting of cannabis items. However, today, the scenario is entirely different. According to Harvard Medical School, cannabis has several medical benefits. And this is why a majority of the population either eats or smokes it in style. So these people will definitely need a THC detox plan.

Now, it has become a major condition to undergo a drug test for any job candidate. These tests are very commonly administered both before and after getting the job. Today, several organizations don’t mind spending money on drug tests. This is because they value a productive work environment. In addition, they need and encourage a drug-free atmosphere. And this is why you need to know how to get weed out of your system.


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THC Detox from weed - art

Now, these random drug tests may spell trouble for some. Such people search for detox cleanse for drug tests. It detoxifies their systems quickly to beat the tests. Besides, there may be people using medicinal drugs to treat pain. In such cases, you might get away with it after showing relevant documents.

Did you know weed has a higher detectable time frame? It stays in the body for 30 days. There are multiple cases where drugs are traced months after quitting them. So, you might be looking for the fastest way to clean out your system for a drug test.

You will find several marijuana detox methods to pass these tests. But there are only some that detoxify the system completely. If you want to get THC out of your body, you are in the right place. In this write-up, we will look at many THC detox plan options to save your day!

How Many Days Does It Take to Flush Marajuana Out of Your System?

The detoxification duration depends on the type of detox option you choose. It is best to go for a solution that cleans your system in less than 24 hours. One obvious method to pass drug tests is to abstain from using them. Stopping overall consumption of drugs detoxifies your system within 30 days. If you moderately consume drugs, it should not take you more than 7 days. Abstaining from drugs for 2-3 days will help you pass the saliva tests effortlessly. Those who don’t have time and need the fastest outcome should choose THC detox plan wisely.

How Long Does Pot Persist in Your Body?

THC finds its way through tissues and body organs, then transforms into hydroxy-THC and carboxy-THC. After that, THC enters the bloodstream back, which makes it easily traceable. So, it depends on a variety of factors to determine how much time you would need to clean your system for drug test. Some of them are:

The Consumption Amount

In the case of beginners, THC is traceable for about 3 days after consumption. For moderate smokers, it is detectable for a week. For smokers who consume several times a day, it is traceable up to 30 days or more.

The Body Fat Count

Do you know where marijuana finds a spot in your body? It’s in the fat cells. This implies that individuals with a higher body fat will break down the drug slowly. In addition, it also takes time to get pot out of the body.

The Test Type

With urine drug tests, the tracking time is about a few days to a month. With saliva tests, it can track drugs within a day of use. Finally, the hair follicles test can track drug history for up to 3 months.

Tips For Selecting the Best Way to Detox Your Body From THC


There are several products in the market like fake urine, detox drinks, or shampoos. Many of these items are expensive. You can purchase these items if you don’t mind the price. But, if you are tight on budget, then there are home remedies to save your day. The natural tricks work just as fine as other expensive products available on the market. But of course, it takes a long while to complete the process.

Your Test Date

Running short on time? Don’t have enough days to ready your body for drug tests? Then, you should try products that will help you pass the test and suit your THC detox plan. There are plenty of ways to clean out your system in 24 hours. Detox products are the most convenient option for beating several forms of drug tests.

Also, some individuals look for natural remedies to pass the test. A great natural way to flush out toxins from your system is to drink tons of fluids. Try having delicious fruit juices to cleanse the body. Eventually, the drug residue will exit your body through urine, sweat, or stool. Here, the trick is to urinate as much as possible to remove THC from your system.

This natural trick is one of the safest methods out there. For the best results, try to plan your detox some days before the drug test. This will ensure you pass the test with flying colors.

How Often Do You Use?

The detox plan depends a lot on the consumption frequency. If you are a beginner or use it in moderation, your detox method is different from an individual who consumes heavily. For example, a moderate drug user can plan their process some days before the test. On the other hand, a heavy drug user will have to plan the detox several days prior.


It plays an important role in the detoxification process. If you are on the heavier side, your body takes time to get rid of the metabolites. Detox drinks and pills do work well, but their effects vary depending on the body weight. Thus, you can double the number of detox drinks if you are on the heavier side.

Interestingly, there are some detox diets that heavier individuals can try out. This will help with losing weight and cleanse the system too. So, if you are obese, it’s best to plan the detox process earlier. This will make sure to remove all THC metabolites from your system. Also, this is essential as it takes time for healthier individuals to get rid of drugs from the body.


Toxin Rid

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What Is the Working Mechanism of Detox Remedies and Detoxification Methods?

As ICW Global claims, there are many detox remedies available today. They cleanse your system getting rid of THC residue. For example, you can incorporate new diets, therapies, or detox regimes to help clean the body. These natural methods help to remove toxins effectively. Thus, it gives you a deep detox experience. Detox therapies can include any of the below-mentioned items:

  • Detox drinks like fruit juices
  • Avoiding certain types of food
  • Eating only a particular type of food
  • Herbs
  • Trying detox shampoos, dietary supplements, and more
  • Spa or sauna
  • Trying remedies like the Macujo

Commonly Used Methods For THC Detox Plan

You will find many tricks and methods for THC cleanse. Detox drinks are one of those methods that can expel any traces of THC. Some start working within a couple of hours after you drink them. They are great if you want a one-day solution.

They aren’t specifically labeled as detox drinks. Because many of them were made for just cleansing purposes. Surprisingly, some of these beverages are energy drinks. The main ingredient of these products has detox properties. Thus, they help you with the detox process. Following are some of the highly used methods for detoxification:


The dilution trick simply means adding water to your urine. This messes with the urine concentration. Thus, allowing you to pass the urine drug tests. Dilution weakens the sample, thus making it hard to trace drugs like weed. How can you do it? All you need to do is increase your water intake. You can also consider taking fruit juices or anything liquid to boost the fluid level.

Besides, you can try diuretics too. This will help to clear toxins from your body. Using diuretics allows you to eliminate water. As the fluid level increases, your body will constantly eliminate toxins. But you should be very careful with this technique. It is because some tests can still detect the presence of weed.


Do you want to eliminate weed from your body? Then, exercise is a simple method out there. There are specific exercises that help to flush out toxins from the body. The reason exercise works best is because it boosts circulation. This causes the liver to filter toxins. You can try exercises like swimming or cycling to remove THC. On a real note, exercise is suitable only if you have the time for it. If you need quick results, then exercise isn’t ideal. This happens because exercise takes quite a lot of time to eliminate toxins.

Fruit Pectin

You are wondering what is this pectin. Pectin is commonly found in a variety of fruits like apples and pears. It is a fiber that helps with the detoxification process. Including this in your diet ensures a healthy fiber diet that also cleans your body. It traps drug residue and eliminates it through stools.

This trick works very well with urine tests. It breaks the drug metabolites and makes the cleansing simpler. It hardly takes around an hour to show effects. Thus, it’s an efficient and convenient way to detox. Besides, the results last for 3-5 hours.


Another great way to remove toxins from your body is to sweat it out. It not only helps to exfoliate your body but also gives brings out a beautiful glow. But you need to be cautious when using a sauna to eliminate toxins. There aren’t any scientifically-backed studies that prove saunas work to flush toxins. In addition, this method of removing THC from your system also takes longer than other methods. So, if you have the time for it, you can try sweating it out in the sauna.

The Best Products for Marijuana Detox

Are you looking to cleanse your system fast? Then, detox items are the best! They help clean your body of weed and other drug residues. The detox products have several minerals and vitamins that eliminate weed traces. You can find them in a variety of forms. For example, they are available in drinks, pills, or capsules. They are easy to consume and show effective results. Below are some popular detox items worth trying when setting your THC detox plan up.

Toxin Rid

This formulation has essential ingredients that remove toxins from the body. It has herbs, vitamins, and minerals that flush out drug residue. Besides, it also helps to boost your body with essential vitamins. You can either buy the pills or the detox drink. You have a lot of options before you start the process. You can choose the type of product depending on when your test is.


  1. The detox product shows faster results.
  2. Several buyers claim Toxin Rid is effective and works well.
  3. It is gluten-free.
  4. The product has only natural ingredients thus safe for the body.
  5. There are many kits you can find like 1-day – 10-day plans.
  6. The product doesn’t comprise any sort of fillers and is cruelty-free.


  1. The product is on the expensive side.
  2. The official website doesn’t have an in-detail description of the product.
  3. Some of the instructions are hard to follow.
  4. The product is still illegal to use in some states.
  5. It requires you to drink too much water. This can have various consequences.

Mega Clean

This product is a drink that again helps to clean the body. Mega Clean isn’t exactly going to detoxify the system. But what it does is mask the weed or drug residue. It is highly beneficial for light to heavy drug users. Some of the ingredients in this product are folate, zinc, and calcium. The product balances the creatinine levels in the urine. Ensure to use the product at least 3-4 hours prior to the test. This will ensure that you pass the test.


  1. Mega clean has several natural ingredients that help in detoxification.
  2. The diuretic herbs cause a boost in urine output. This helps to eliminate toxins.
  3. Creatinine adds a specific color to the urine which allows you to pass the test.
  4. It shows faster results and is beneficial in case of short notice.


  1. Considering it is a one-day use product, it is very expensive.
  2. If you don’t follow the instructions carefully, you can fail the test.
  3. The natural ingredients may cause severe cases of diarrhea.

Rescue Cleaner

This product is one of the best detox drinks for weed users. If you need an affordable choice, this is the one. It is available at a decent price. The effectiveness of the drink lasts for around 5 hours. This means you should use it an hour before the test. And you will effortlessly pass it with flying colors. All you should do is follow the directions correctly.


  1. A trustworthy organization, Clear Choice is behind this amazing product.
  2. There are several flavors to choose from. This gives you multiple choices.

  3. It is easy to carry and completely legal as well.
  4. The product has a longer expiry date. So, if you didn’t open the product, you can use it even after 2 years.


  1. After consuming the product, you can feel bloated.
  2. Need to stay away from drugs for over 72 hours which might not be possible for some heavy weed users.
  3. You cannot eat anything before drinking the product. Also, you can eat only after giving the sample for the test.

How to Accelerate the Efficiency of Detox Drinks for Weed?

Adopt A Healthy Food Habit

To ensure the detox method is successful, it is important to give your body the best. Regular intake of essential minerals and vitamins can ease the process. Add more healthy food options like fruits, vegetables, and chicken soup to your diet. Having some lean meat is also a great idea. A healthy diet is what will make the detox drinks work faster.

Staying Hydrated

The next tip is to drink a lot of liquids daily. This will allow your body to eliminate drugs quickly. The liver, in particular, needs lots of water to detoxify the system. You need to consume at least 12 cups of water or fluids to hydrate your body. Consider taking tea, coffee, or fruit juices for that matter.

Increase Your Daily Activity

Another trick in the book is to stay active. An active body equals an active heart. This means the heart pumps more blood and boosts circulation. Go bike riding, jogging, or swimming.

How To Detox From Weed Really Fast?

You can try synthetic urine for achieving faster and better results. If a drug test is coming soon, synthetic urine works just fine. There are many options available in the market in terms of fake pee. Besides, you can also find numerous fake urine items that come in handy while you are taking the test. But remember to be careful before choosing a product.

Some fake piss performs exceptionally, while others might lack some of essential components present in human piss. Synthetic urine is similar to real urine in terms of chemical composition. It not only has an odor, but color and creatinine as well. When buying synthetic urine look at the ingredient list. Make sure it includes all the ingredients that natural urine has.

Here we have some of the popular synthetic urine options that you should consider when making your purchase.

Powdered Urine

Powered Urine is a type of synthetic urine that, as the name suggests, comes in a powdered form. Actual human pee goes through a long process of drying before it is turned into powder. This is how we have real pee that is in powder form. Also, you don’t need to worry about carrying it around.

It has all the ingredients needed to pass a drug test. The lab testers wouldn’t be able to detect it as it looks just like a real piss. Currently, Test Clear is making this product. It will cost you around $50. The kit consists of several items. Some of them are urine in powder form, a temperature strip, two heaters, and a pad.


  1. 100% effective and high-performance
  2. Easily available and affordable
  3. Completely legal
  4. Hassle-free option to pass the drug test


  1. The heaters have a one-time use. So, if you want extra, you will need to get them separately.
  2. You cannot use them if the test is under supervision.
  3. Certain urine tests require samples over 50 ml. This is a problem since the product has just 50 ml.

Quick Fix

A highly popular synthetic urine is the Quick Fix. This urine has a stellar performance rate if you follow the instructions carefully. Quick Fix has about 30 ounces of synthetic urine. The urine is high quality and has a 100% money-back offer. You can visit the official website to get your hands on the product. The price for this synthetic urine is around $40.


  1. It is cheaper than Powdered Urine.
  2. The technicians can’t trace the difference in the synthetic urine. This is because they look, smell, and appear just like actual urine.
  3. The product offers a 100% money-back offer. This exciting offer displays confidence in the product.
  4. It comes ready to use. Thus, it doesn’t waste much of your time.


  1. It is difficult to use synthetic urine if the test is under supervision.
  2. The instructions are in-detail and may be hard to follow.

The Detox Methods and Products You Should Refrain from Buying

Let’s get real. Detoxifying does come with its set of challenges. For instance, fasting isn’t an ideal practice for detox. What fasting does is create problems for detoxifying the system. This is why several experts advise against fasting or abstinence. So don’t buy any detoxing product that has these conditions.

You can find several detox pills, drinks, or regimes today. However, they are not suitable for all kinds of people. Also, they can create health issues in severe cases. Pregnant women as well as individuals taking medications should not take such products. Besides, nursing mothers should also refrain from using these items.

Possible Side Effects of Marijuana Cleanse Products

There are several side effects to taking some detox products. The most common ones are:

  1. Vomiting
  2. Nausea
  3. Gastro issues
  4. Lack of nutrition (caused by bizarre food restrictions)
  5. Extreme dehydration

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Alcohol Works Like A THC Detox?

No. Alcohol doesn’t help with cleansing or detoxifying the body. It’s a diuretic that allows you to expel more urine. Some studies show alcohol causes extreme dehydration. So, the body takes even longer to eliminate the toxins.

  • Does THC Detox Kits Help in beating Hair Strand Drug Test?

Detox shampoos are the best to beat a hair strand drug test. So, buy an effective detoxing shampoo. It is one of the simplest ways to easily pass such drug tests.

  • Is It Necessary to Detox for Irregular Edible Weed Users?

We cannot give you a definite answer to this query. Consumption of weed does cause it to remain in the system for a few days. It doesn’t matter if you eat or smoke weed – it stays in the body for 3 days. On the other hand, edibles are dependent on consumption levels. Besides, edibles stay for a longer duration in our systems than smoking weed. Thus, they are easily detectable. So, you can try detox drinks and other products to flush out toxins.

  • Can I Use Shortcut Detox Methods?

There is no shortcut for detoxifying if you don’t want to use certain weed cleanse products. Some methods you can try are drinking lots of fluids or detox drinks. In addition, herbal teas are also beneficial. But they don’t produce quick results.

  • Do Different Detox Teas Help with Weed Detoxing?

Yes. Detox tea can help you during drug tests. They are usually diuretics that cause you to urinate more. Though they won’t flush out THC, detox tea will hide the weed well. Besides, it also changes creatinine levels which can cause suspicions. So, the technician won’t be able to trace out the drugs. But they can flag the urine sample as unfit.

Study Findings of Weed Detox

Research indicates that both light and heavy drug users consuming detox products can have withdrawal symptoms. The lack of drugs can also cause behavioral changes. However, these changes are quite minimal to moderate.

In a study, the researchers found some interesting findings. They took participants who were using cannabis for a long time in a heavy amount. The participants were tested after using weed and when they stopped using it. In both conditions, they found THC residues in the participants. The results changed when they repeated the test.


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What More Can You Do to Beat a Drug Test

Need some additional methods to save your day at the drug testing center? Then, here are 4 such options that you can try. Several users claim that these methods work magically well. So, let’s dive straight into it.


This is a popular detoxifier that helps to pass drug tests. This is why many drug users are resorting to niacin. But there is a high chance of toxicity to niacin. So, be careful before you use this method.

Baking Soda

This is one way you can effectively pass your test. This versatile component has several applications. Use it as a toothpaste or a mouthwash to escape a saliva drug test.

Certo Sure Gel

If you need an affordable remedy, Certo Sure Gel is your answer. One of its ingredients is fruit pectin, among other powerful elements. Though it is safe to use, it does have some risks attached to it. However, you can’t find them easily in markets as a detox product. But it is convenient and simple to use.


This medication is an anti-inflammatory that helps with fever. But you can also use it to pass a urine test. Interestingly, this method is successful for hair drug tests too. However, it does have its set of side effects as well. So, only take this if you don’t have any underlying health conditions.

Some Detox Tips from Social Media

Tonytonitony5, a Reddit user, said that drinking a lot of water helps with detoxification. He said to drink water until the pee looks clear. After that, you should drink water in a small amount. He advised drinking more water the next day and peeing at least 3 times before the test.

Deirirurjf, another Reddit user, commented that the body wouldn’t flush out toxins unless he drinks coffee. According to him, coffee can make the whole cleansing process faster.


Many people use weed to cope with chronic pain. A research paper published in PubMed states that cannabidiol, a cannabis constituent, works against CIA (collagen-induced arthritis). If you don’t have a medical purpose, then you should look for THC removal methods for getting jobs.

Let’s be real. Passing a drug test isn’t a child’s play. Many factors and considerations go into it. Before you decide on the ideal detox for you, do your research. There are several factors that you need to keep in mind. Besides, you can’t risk this chance for anything!

If you choose Mega Clean, Toxin Rid , or any other methods, follow the directions. Make sure you do as the package instructs you to. Inaccurate actions can lead to undesirable drug results.

Also, before using synthetic urine or detox drinks, read the instructions well. Failure to follow the instructions can lead to disastrous consequences. You will also need to take another drug test. Not to forget, you can face negative actions if found cheating in these tests. The embarrassment that follows is totally at a different level.

Which one do you like – detox or synthetic urine? There are multiple ways to flush out toxins from your body. Now you need to decide which one suits you the best. Hope you find our article on the best way to detox your body from THC helpful.


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