THC Detox Pills and Drinks You Can Buy at CVS and Walgreens: Are They The Best?

There are certain categories of individuals that purchase drug test detox kits at CVS. The first category of individuals is usually the most common – they are employees that smoked some weed and now looking for THC detox pills and drinks. Not that these drugs are inherently illegal, but when used without an explicit prescription from the doctor, they become illicit. There are various drugs used without prescriptions for recreational purposes. However, there are some standouts – the most commonly used drug in the world is cannabis, as proven in this World Drug Report.

Why Do People Use Detox Products?

For the sake of context, if we consider cannabis as the substance used by a certain employee, it will make sense to purchase THC detox kits at CVS to pass an upcoming drug test. The different categories of people that purchase THC detox pills and drinks do so for various reasons. The most common cause is usually detoxing to get rid of drug toxins in the body to beat a drug test. In summary, employees who smoke weed will want to use detox products like Toxin Rid to pass a drug test at their place of work and retain their employment.

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The next category of people who use detoxing pills and drinks are job applicants or prospective employees. Usually, pre-employment drug screening appears on the horizon in the final stages of the interview process. It can be painful to scale through the interview process only to be disqualified because of the results of a drug test. Random drug testing has become a thing in workplaces, and several employers have strict drug policies. Testing positive to a drug screen either means losing your job or, best case scenario, suspending for a long time. In the case of job applicants, the consequence will be ease: you will lose eligibility for the job you are applying for. So using some good drink like Detoxify Mega Clean may be really an option.

The third category is athletes who use substances for recreational purposes. While some athletes got hooked on medications, they were prescribed during an injury period and continued usage after recuperating. Others may use drugs to enhance their performance. Either way, they must purchase some Certo detox at Walgreens to cleanse their system. Testing positive for drug usage can ruin one’s career as an athlete. The final category of people is those who simply purchase detox pills and drinks to cleanse their system.
CVS And Walgreens

Different Kinds of Drug Tests

Speaking of drug testing, one has to be familiar with the different drug testing methods that employers adopt to test for THC and other drug toxins that prove drug usage. They include:

  • Urine Drug Test

    This is the most common drug testing method. A urine drug test, or urinalysis, can either be supervised or unsupervised. Urinalysis is popular because it’s a non-invasive drug testing method. It requires the individual to pee into a jar or bottle. Then lab workers will test this urine sample for evidence of drug usage. If the test is unsupervised, the individual can go into the toilet alone with the jar and bring out the urine sample. In the case of a supervised test, the lab staff follows and monitors an individual. Results of this drug test come back within a week. That method is popular among anti-doping agencies, employers, drug rehab centers, hospitals, and forensic investigators.

  • Blood Drug Test

    This drug testing method is the most accurate and reliable method. However, it’s also the most invasive drug testing procedure, and that happens to be one of its strongest disadvantages. It’s one of the least commonly used drug testing methods. It requires blood to be drawn from the back of the palm or the inner part of the arm (close to the elbow). Then they test it for a particular toxin or toxins (if it’s a 5-panel drug test). Results of this testing method are usually ready within hours.

  • Saliva Drug Test

    This testing method requires a mouth swab drug test, from Walgreens, to be inserted into the mouth. Lab workers retrieve a saliva sample and test it for drug usage. It’s an easy method to carry out. It’s also known as an oral drug test. You can buy a mouth swab drug test at CVS.

  • Hair Drug Test

    This is the hardest drug test to beat and is almost as reliable as the blood test. The procedure is also known as hair analysis. Lab staff cuts a hair sample from your scalp. If the individual doesn’t have enough hair or is bald, they will collect the hair sample from alternative spots, such as pubic or armpit.

Drug Detection Window

Next info given by ICW Global. The duration of drug toxins in the body varies depending on certain factors such as the sample tested, the body weight, metabolism, the drug, and the frequency of drug usage.

Sample Tested

  • The general range for urine drug tests is 2-30 days.
  • Drug toxins in the blood are no longer detectable after 4 hours.
  • The general range for saliva is between 5 and 72 hours.
  • Hair samples hold drug toxins the longest, so toxins in the hair can be detectable in the hair shaft for as long as 90 days.

This is essential knowledge if you’re preparing to beat a drug test.

Body Weight

Drug toxins have a longer duration in the bodies of heavier individuals than slim people. This is because weed toxins can be stored in body fat. Since heavier individuals have more fat in their bodies, the drug toxins can stay longer in their bodies than in slim people.


Body metabolism is essential to how long drug toxins last in your body. When a drug metabolizes in the body, it loses its intoxicating effect (except for prodrugs, designed to intoxicate when metabolized). Then it can be expelled from the body via sweat, urine, and feces. So, if your body has a high metabolism rate, drug toxins won’t stay as long as they will in a body with a slower metabolism.

The Drug

Some drug toxins last longer than others. Alcohol stays in the body for some hours before it flushes out of the body. Drugs like cannabis stay longer in the body than heroin, barbiturates, opioids, ecstasy, etc.

Frequency of Drug Usage

The more you smoke weed, the more toxins you’ll have in your body and the longer it will take for the body to flush them out. Light and moderate users will have less THC in their systems than heavy users. Heavy users will require more time to cleanse their system when preparing for a drug test.

Different Drugs Tested For

The various testing methods can test for a huge variety of drugs, but the most common ones include:

  • Cannabis or Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • PCP
  • Opiates
  • Amphetamines
  • Alcohol
Toxin Rid Banner

Toxin Rid

  • Three-part detoxification system with pre-rid tablets, liquid detox, and dietary fiber
  • Specifically designed for people with HEAVY toxin exposure
  • Starts working as fast as one hour
  • Rids your blood, urine, and saliva of unwanted drug toxins
  • 100% money-back guarantee
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Mega Clean + PreCleanse Pills

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THC Detox Pills and Drinks

Detox pills are edible substances that you can ingest to cleanse the body and get rid of drug toxins. Detox pills include laxatives or supplements, and also contain harmful bacteria, improving digestion and enhancing drug removal. These pills sometimes can have side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, stomach upset, and vomiting.

On the other hand, detox drinks are liquids that you drink to help your body flush toxins out. These drinks are diuretics that will increase the frequency at which you urinate. The more you urinate, the more toxins you get rid of. Detox drinks can be synthetic or herbal. They come with instructions on how you can use them. You can buy detox pills and drinks over the counter in pharmacies, retail stores, or online. They are readily available.

How Do They Work and Help You Pass Drug Tests?

Detox pills enhance the body’s digestion process, which speeds up the metabolism process. Also, they usually contain digestive enzymes. The tablet is typically a mix of amino acids with pancreatic enzymes. It’s best to consume this detox product with food, just as you’ll do with regular pills. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people with kidney and liver complications should better avoid detox pills. There’s a particular dosage one has to follow. For instance, if a detox pill contains 45 pills, the dosage can be five pills three times daily. This means you’re going to consume this detox pill within three days.

On the flip side, detox drinks may not require you to eat meals or at least certain foods while detoxing. Once ingested, they begin to flow through your stomach and intestines, clearing enough toxins to keep your body fluids free for a while. Just like cleansing pills, they have a period for which their effect lasts before the toxins resurface in your system. That’s why most usage instructions for detox drinks require you to carry out the detox procedure a few hours before your test.

For instance, the test is 5 hours away and the effects of those detox drinks last about four hours. In that case, we’ll advise you to carry out the procedure an hour or two before the test is due.

What’s the Difference Between Detox Drinks and Pills?

The difference is in their form. The detox pills are in solid form, while the detox drinks are in liquid form.

What is the Best Place to Buy THC Detox Products?

THC detox products are easy to find, so purchasing them won’t be an issue. You can decide to buy them online via the manufacturer’s official website, or ecommerce sites, such as Amazon, eBay, and so on. A customer can also purchase them at retail outlets and drug stores. For example, you can purchase THC detox kits at Walgreens.

You can also purchase one to pass a drug test kit from CVS or search for the nearest CVS or Walgreens store in your neighborhood by googling Walgreens/CVS near me. CVS and Walgreens are more hybrid stores because they both have online and offline stores. Whether you decide to purchase THC detox products offline or online, it’s vital that you know the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Pros of Buying THC Detox Products Online

  • Pricing: The prices of products online are generally better than the prices of those same products in physical retail outlets. This is because, unlike physical stores, there are no extra expenses such as staff salaries, shop rent, overhead costs, and so on. So, you may get a better price for THC detox products, especially if you’re buying directly from the company’s website or other reputable online stores. The pricing is also better because of the competition among online retailers.
  • Discounts: Buyers purchasing detox products online are more likely to get discounts and promotional offers. You can see offers such as “Buy two, get one free.” There are also flash sales.
  • Convenience: Buyers can purchase detox kits for drug tests from the comfort of their homes or offices. All they need is to make some clicks on their screen while navigating the store’s interface. With a few clicks, they will add the products to the cart, pay for them and have them delivered to their preferred shipping address.

Cons of Buying THC Products Online

  • No physical inspection: It’s easy to buy faulty detox products or kits online because you can’t inspect products before purchasing them. You can rely on customer ratings and reviews and hope they’re genuine.
  • Delivery isn’t instant: Most stores require 24-48 hours to deliver products ordered online. In some cases, it can take 3-4 days. In rare cases, it can take longer than that. This can hurt your chances of passing a drug test if you don’t order these products way ahead of the time your test will be due.

Pros of Buying THC Detox Kits at Walgreens or CVS

  • Physical inspection: If you want to buy THC detox kits at CVS or Walgreens, or use Walgreens to find synthetic urine, you have the opportunity to physically view and inspect what you’re buying before you make payment for it.
  • Instant Delivery: Buying things in physical stores is cash and carry. So, if you’re buying a detox kit at CVS, you’ll be going home with them. Unlike online purchasing, you don’t need to wait for a day or more before getting what you paid for.

Cons of Buying THC detox kits at Walgreens or CVS

  • Less favorable prices: The price of things in physical stores usually is higher because of expenses – overhead costs, staff salaries, utility bills, and so on. So, this will make the price of detox products in offline stores higher.
  • Less convenient: When purchasing Walgreens synthetic urine, you must leave your home or office, go to the store, and buy what you want. Unlike online shopping, they will not deliver it to your shipping address. This makes it less convenient.

Which THC Detox Products are Sold at CVS?

There are varieties of drug test detox kits at CVS, including:

  1. Herbal Clean Premium Detox (7-Day Complete Cleansing Program): This Walgreens drug test kit costs $37.99. A fair price for the value is offered. It is a combo of detox pills and detox drinks. It contains very detailed usage instructions, which requires using the capsules, the morning, afternoon, and evening solution to cleanse the body system of any toxin buildup.
  2. Oral-B Gum Detoxify Mouthwash: This detox mouthwash CVS costs $11.99. It comes in a 475 ml container and it is the perfect detox kit in CVS to beat an upcoming saliva test.
  3. Stinger Detox: One of the best detox drinks at CVS. Stinger Detox is eight ounces of natural grape juice. A notable part of this product’s usage instruction is to abstain from substance use 48 hours before using the product. The full content of the bottle is ingested, followed by four servings of water from the same bottle.
  4. Dirty Cleanse Lemon Detox: This CVS drug test detox product comes with volcanic charcoal, dandelion, and ginger extract. It comes in powder/liquid form and is a 1-day cleanse product. Dirty Cleanse Lemon Detox costs $14.99 at CVS and has glowing ratings and reviews, which attests to its potency in detoxing the body.

Which THC Detox Pills and Drinks are Sold at Walgreens?

  1. ReNew Life Adult Cleanse Total Body Reset (Advanced Herbal Formula 3-day Program): This Walgreens drug test detox kit is a dietary supplement containing 12 vegetarian capsules, which should be consumed according to the recommended dosage within a period of three days. It’s one of the best-selling detox products in Walgreens stores. It’s very affordable; a single unit of this detox pill costs just $7.79. It’s gluten-free and of very high quality.
  2. Qcarbo32: This is an organic detox drink produced by Herbal Clean, and it’s one of the recommended detox products to purchase if you have a drug test coming up on short notice. Just as the digits after the name indicate, this Walgreens drug test detox product contains 32 ounces of cleansing liquid. It’s ideal for heavier individuals and frequent weed smokers. Its usage instructions include not eating anything for at least four hours before using this product. Qcarbo32 costs $45.99 at Walgreens.
  3. QPretox: Just as the name suggests, this detox product is used as a precursor to a stronger detox product. This detox pill is manufactured by Herbal Clean, and it’s meant to prime the body for further detox. It’s an organic product, a mix of effective herbs. QPretox contains 50 capsules with a dosage of 2 capsules daily before the main detox procedure.
  4. Qcarbo20: This is also organic and has an identical composition to Qcarbo32. The difference between them is their quantity. Qcarbo20 contains 20 ounces of detox liquid, and it’s meant for lighter individuals and infrequent weed smokers who want to detox their system for a drug test. It costs $36.99 at Walgreens.

Best Alternatives to CVS and Walgreens THC Detox Pills and Drinks

If you’re seeking alternatives to the detox products mentioned above and you want the very best of the bunch, we have a couple of recommendations that will guarantee the results you want; Detoxify Mega Clean and Toxin Rid.

Toxin Rid Banner

Toxin Rid

  • Three-part detoxification system with pre-rid tablets, liquid detox, and dietary fiber
  • Specifically designed for people with HEAVY toxin exposure
  • Starts working as fast as one hour
  • Rids your blood, urine, and saliva of unwanted drug toxins
  • 100% money-back guarantee
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Mega Clean + PreCleanse Pills

  • Minimizes your toxin levels in one hour, effective for up to five hours with the maximum effect at three hours
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Detoxify Mega Clean

This 32-ounce herbal detox drink is manufactured with natural ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, milk thistle, guarana seed extract, and ginseng root. Mega Clean is formulated to enhance the natural detoxification abilities of your body and speed it up to flush out unwanted drug toxins in your body. It’s manufactured by Detoxify, and they recommend using it with Detoxify PreCleanse, especially if you’re a heavy weed smoker. Apparently, Mega Clean is not a standalone product.

To make this product more effective, it’s advisable to abstain from drug usage two days before your detox procedure. You’re also advised to follow a strict diet which includes high-fiber meals and lean meat. Sleeping a lot and drinking water frequently is also highly recommended. Once the drink is opened, you must consume everything within 15 minutes. The usage instruction is very straightforward, and its glowing reviews on various retail platforms show that it’s a premium detox drink. Detoxify Mega Clean costs $49.99.

Toxin Rid

Just like Detoxify Mega Clean, Toxin Rid is 100% organic. Unlike Detoxify Mega Clean, it’s a standalone product. This detox pill is arguably the best solution for THC detox, and it comes in varieties to appeal to different kinds of users. Its varieties range from 1-day detox (for very light weed smokers) to 10-day detox (for very heavy weed smokers). Toxin Rid is one of the very few manufacturers with the confidence to offer a full refund if the product is proven not to work. This shows its quality level.

Toxin Rid price varies depending on the variety you’re going for. The smallest variety contains 15 capsules and costs $54.95, while the largest variety contains 150 capsules and costs $189.99. The dosage is five capsules three times daily for the duration specified on the variety you’re buying.


CVS and Walgreens are two of the top retail stores in the U.S. Their online stores are well stocked with various THC detox pills and drinks. Your preference for which of their stores (online or offline) depends on factors we’ve already discussed. Buying detox mouthwash Walgreens or CVS synthetic urine is ideal if you want to shop conveniently and get better prices and promotional offers or discounts.

Also, Walgreens typically delivers products within 2-3 days after placing the order. On the other hand, if you know that you prefer to buy detox products, you can inspect and get the product the same day you paid for it, then CVS and Walgreens offline stores are the answer.



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