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Notice of ICW Leadership Change

Released date: 09-Aug-2018

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Issue 9 August 2018

Launching ICW Strategic Plan 2018–2023

Released date: 18-Jul-2018

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Issue 18 July 2018

Calling on Women Living with HIV to Fill WHO Values and Preference Survey on HIV Treatment

Released date: 04-Jul-2018

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Issue July 2018

ICW International Steering Committee Calls for an End to Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation Tactics

Released date: 19-Jun-2018

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Issue 18 June 2018 (2)

ICW Statement on Potential Safety Issue Affecting Women Living with HIV Using Dolutegravir at Conception

Released date: 18-Jun-2018

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Issue 18 June 2018

Candlelight Memorial 2018; Preparing for the Future a Strengthened Women Living with HIV Movement

Released date: 20-May-2018

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Issue 20 May 2018

World TB Day 2018: ICW Taking Action Towards a TB-Free World

Released date: 26-Mar-2018

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Issue 24 March 2018

Zero Discrimination Day 2018

Released date: 01-Mar-2018

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Issue March 2018

ICW Welcomes Laura Wangeci Thuo as the new Communications Assistant

Released date: 26-Feb-2018

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Issue February 2018

Celebration of World AIDS Day 2017

Released date: 01-Dec-2017

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Issue 1 December 2017

Thank You Message from Daughtie Ogutu the ASWA Executive Director

Released date: 06-Oct-2017

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Issue 6 Oct 2017

ICW Congratulates GNP+ on Their Announcement of New Board Members

Released date: 10-Jul-2017

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Issue 10 July 2017

ICW Candlelight Memorial 2017 Statement

Released date: 22-May-2017

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Issue 22 May 2017

ICW Congratulatory Message on the Formation of the International Indigenous HIV & AIDS Community (IIHAC)

Released date: 27-Apr-2017

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Issue 27 April 2017

WHO Guidelines on SRHR for Women Living With HIV

Released date: 11-Apr-2017

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Issue 11 April 2017

ICW Calls for Increased Investment in Communities to END TB Among Women and Girls Living With HIV

Released date: 24-Mar-2017

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Issue 24 March 2017

Be Bold For Change; Strengthening Partnerships for an Effective HIV Response

Released date: 08-Mar-2017

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Issue 8 March 2017

ICW Calls for Acts of Solidarity and Acts of Kindness

Released date: 01-Feb-2017

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Issue 31 Jan 2017

Stand Up! For the Human Rights of People Living with HIV

Released date: 12-Dec-2016

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Issue 10 Dec 2016

Step Up to the Challenge; End HIV stigma for Women, Adolescents and Girls

Released date: 01-Dec-2016

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Issue 1 Dec 2016

Create the Change We Need; Increase and Sustain Resouces to End Violence Against Women and Girls

Released date: 25-Nov-2016

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Issue 25 Nov 2016

ICW Joins Sex Workers Call to UNWomen to Hold Inclusive Policy Developement Process

Released date: 21-Oct-2016

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Issue 21 Oct 2016

ICW Demands to Age Gracefully with HIV and Asks for an End to Ageism Within the HIV Response

Released date: 30-Sep-2016

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Issue 30 Sep 2016

Fully Fund the Global Fund – The Global Fund Women Want

Released date: 14-Sep-2016

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Issue 14 Sep 2016

High Level Political Forum 2016: Ensuring That No Woman or Girls Living with HIV is Left Behind

Released date: 25-Aug-2016

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Issue 25 August 2016

What do Women Living with HIV Really Want? Accountability for the SGDs

Released date: 11-Jul-2016

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Issue 11 July 2016

ICW Reflections on the 2016 HLM on Ending AIDS

Released date: 10-Jun-2016

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Issue 10 June 2016

CYWAG/WGNRR Joint Statement in Advance of the 2016 High-Level Meeting on Ending AIDS

Released date: 08-Jun-2016

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Issue 8 June 2016

ICW in Action at the HLM!

Released date: 06-Jun-2016

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Issue 6 June 2016

International Day of Action for Women’s Health 2016

Released date: 27-May-2016

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Issue 27 May 2016

Congratulations to Incoming IAS Governing Council Members!

Released date: 23-May-2016

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Issue 23 May 2016

Invest in HIV Prevention Research that Responds to the Needs of Women and Girls

Released date: 18-May-2016

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Issue 18 May 2016

High Level Meeting on AIDS 2016: A Call to Women Living with HIV to Get Involved

Released date: 04-Apr-2016

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Issue 4 April 2016

SDGs Mini-Grants Opportunity

Released date: 31-Mar-2016

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Issue 31 March 2016

ICW Know Your Rights Advocacy Workshop

Released date: 07-Mar-2016

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Issue 7 March 2016

Nothing For Us Without Us – In The Sustainable Development Goals

Released date: 25-Feb-2016

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Issue 25 February 2016

Keeping Us On Agenda 2030

Released date: 23-Dec-2015

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Issue 23 December 2015

Caribbean Leaders Declaration of Commitment

Released date: 10-Dec-2015

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Issue 10 Dec 2015

International Human Rights Day: ‘Our Rights. Our Freedom. Always

Released date: 09-Dec-2015

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Issue 9 Dec 2015

ICW Call to Action on Addressing TB for Women Living with HIV

Released date: 18-Nov-2015

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Issue 18 November 2015