Vision and Mission | ICW | International Community of Women living with HIV


ICW envisions a world in which all women living with HIV are free from gender oppression, aware of, and asserting their full range of rights, including those related to sexuality, reproduction, the law, society, the economy, and health.


ICW was founded to promote initiatives aimed at protecting and enhancing the standard of living for women with HIV. In order to do this, we mobilize, organize, advocate for, mentor, and raise public awareness about the problems that have a direct bearing on our lives.

Vision and Mission

In order to fulfill our vision and mission we have two key strategies:

  • Strategy One: To build a vibrant movement of powerful and informed women living with HIV who realize and claim their rights at a personal and societal level.
  • Strategy Two: To define and advance the agenda of women living with HIV and undertake strategic advocacy efforts to ensure the realization of our human rights.

Our dual goals for the next three years are to enhance the lives of women living with HIV, expand our network, give our members more control over their lives, and ensure that the human rights violations we see are acknowledged and addressed.

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  • History

    Established in 1992 by women living with HIV in response to the consistent silencing and marginalizing of the concerns of women living with HIV.

  • The Future

    The way forward.