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HIV-Related Diarrhea

Author: Jeannie Wraight and Maria Mejia

Approximately 20–24% (statistics vary) of people living with HIV (PLHIV) in the U.S. experience chronic diarrhea, either as a side effect of ARVs or from HIV itself. What happens when HIV does affect our lives day to day? Specifically, what if the medications that keep us from getting sick, actually make us sick?

TB and HIV… Not me

Author: Rebecca Matheson

On March 24, the World Commemorated World TB Day an annual event that is designed to build public awareness about the global epidemic of Tuberculosis and efforts to eliminate the disease. We are following this with a Blog from Rebecca, ICW Global Director as she shares her experience with TB diagnosis and treatment in 2017.

Young women living with HIV on the frontline of advocacy for Gender Equality

Author: Laura Thuo

Laura Thuo, ICW’s new Communications Assistant shares insightful thoughts on why young women living with HIV need to be at the center of the #pressforprogress towards Gender Equality discourse.

Do You See HIV?

Author: Lucy Wanjiku, Kenya

Seeing my little girl grow, has added so much value to my life and I am a better person because of her. I cannot imagine life without her, not for anything in this world. To think that someone behind closed doors can decide for a second, that just because of my HIV status I do not deserve to have a child shutters the core of my being. If only this person would take a walk a mile in our shoes.

Experiences of being a woman living with HIV

Author: CYWAG Member Wales

My community of children living with HIV was a small one, there are currently about 1200 children in the UK living with HIV. Within my community there are so many amazing people that have gone before me and have been such a good helping hand when I am in a time in which I feel like nobody understands.

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