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History of ICW

History of ICW

The North American Region of ICW was founded when women living with HIV in Canada and the US realized that they were being excluded
from the larger conversation. These women fully supported their sisters in the south, however, they believed that their voices
were equally important and their needs, while sometimes different, were vital to their survival and well-being.

ICW NA was formally incorporated in 2009. Through 2014, a dedicated group of volunteers worked to establish the collective voice of
women living with HIV in Canada and the United States. Work has been completed on the development of a Concept Note, Conflict of
Interest Statement and draft By-Laws. Efforts to grow the membership were recognized with funding from the Robert Carr Network
Fund (RCNF) for the years 2014-2015. ICW NA expects to receive its charitable status in 2016 along with renewed funding from RCNF.

ICW NA exists to serve the needs of all women living with HIV in Canada and the United States. This includes a disproportionate number
of women who may be marginalized or underserve due to gender status, ethnicity, power imbalance in relationships, cycles of violence
and abuse, addictions, poverty and lack of access to safe and appropriate services. ICW NA stands ready to take its place among
the regional chapters and reaffirm the role it plays on behalf of women living with HIV in the region with a strong focus on the
particular challenges they face.

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