Love Positive Women 2015

Three papermaking valentine workshops were held on January 23 at Dieu Donné in New York City to support women living with HIV as part of LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN: Romance Starts at Home 2015, which was sponsored by Visual AIDS, the Fire Island Artist Residency, Dieu Donné, and the International Community of Women Living With HIV (ICW).

Handmade Valentines for women living with HIV all around the world were prepared by women living with HIV in collaboration with invited artists from each organization. As a show of support and love, the valentines were sent to the recipients along with unique notes in an effort to eliminate the stigma faced by women living with HIV.

Jessica Whitbread, a member of Visual AIDS, launched the ongoing project called LOVE POSITIVE WOMEN.

Women living with HIV signed up to receive a valentine by sending their name and mailing address to: [email protected]

This event was dedicated to Samantha C. Smith (1970–2014), a great friend and supporter of Visual AIDS and FIAR as well as the former board co-chair of Dieu Donné.