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HIV impacts on how women are viewed in society and more importantly how they are view themselves. Being HIV positive impacts on all aspects of women’s lives – and yet little attention is paid to how women often experience a shift in body image – a disconnect between themselves and their bodies.

The Foreign/bodies project explores women’s negative experiences of living with HIV and the disconnect between self and body image. A set of images portrays the multiple, complex emotions of what an HIV diagnosis means – and how it changes how the body is viewed. Foreign/bodies explore women’s experiences of being HIV and documents changes that can be seen and those that can not – representing the emotional and the physical. Each woman’s story is represented by 8–12 images which exposes the realities for each woman in a cathartic process which will hopefully, in some small way, enable women to confront deep seated pain and start to reconnect body and self. The exhibition will focus on one woman’s journey.

Foreign/bodies Postcard Foreign/bodies Postcard (64 KB)

Images taken by Vicci Tallis, a feminist, activist, writer and more recently a photographer. She has been actively involved in HIV since 1986 and has worked in Africa and Asia. She believes photography is a powerful medium to address the oppression of women, and focuses on the multiple marginalisation of women living with HIV.

If you are interested in participating in any of these projects or know any women who might be please connect them with Vicci at [email protected]

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