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The images of women living with HIV have been prolific – and often coupled with the tag line “The face of AIDS is a women” in an effort to draw attention to the impact of HIV on women. Whilst well meaning, such campaigns often had the opposite effect – marginalizing women, other-ing women and making women one-dimensional and powerless.

ICW, as the only global network of women living with HIV, are launching a campaign to demonstrate the diversity and vibrancy of women living with HIV through a series of portraits that show the complexities of each individual and the vast potency of a movement that is so multi-faceted, far-reaching and powerful.

An ongoing project, the images exhibited during the International AIDS Conference were of women living with HIV from Southern Africa and South East Asia.

I am ICW Postcard I am ICW Postcard (598 KB)

Images taken by Vicci Tallis, a feminist, activist, writer and more recently a photographer. She has been actively involved in HIV since 1986 and has worked in Africa and Asia. She believes photography is a powerful medium to address the oppression of women, and focuses on the multiple marginalisation of women living with HIV.

If you are interested in participating in any of these projects or know any women who might be please connect them with Vicci at [email protected]

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