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Since 1992, the International Community of Women Living with HIV (ICW) has been the only global network for and by women living with HIV. It was founded due to a desperate lack of support, information and services available to women living with HIV, and the need women living with HIV felt in influencing policy development. ICW envisions a world where all women living with HIV live free of gender oppression, realizing and claiming our sexual, reproductive, legal, social, and economic and health rights. We exist to lead efforts towards securing and improving the quality of life for women living with HIV. We do this by mobilizing, organizing, advocating, mentoring and raising consciousness on the issues that directly impact our lives.

Joining ICW means becoming part of the global movement to address the inequalities that impact on our day-to-day lives. Members are eligible to join the international steering committee and become a part of the leadership team that governs the global organisation. Membership means you are linked in to thousands of women from all over the world who are able to share stories and support each other when needed. Members are offered opportunities for training, workshops, retreats and most excitingly, the opportunity to represent us in unique and amazing policy dialogue spaces.

Upon joining, you will be sent a welcome pack that includes specific information about your membership, a t-shirt, campaign material and a list of ways to get involved.

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ICW membership is open and free to all women who identify as living with HIV from all walks of life.

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