Introducing The ICW Young Women Media Team

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Introducing The ICW Young Women Media Team

Released date: 17-May-2016

Nairobi, Kenya.

A beautiful storm is brewing and all roads are leading to Durban for the AIDS 2016. Young women living with HIV would not be left behind and are a tornado forming. Young women living with HIV have a powerful and valued voice in the community. We promise that the team selected after a rigorous search from the long list of applicants for the CYWAG AIDS 2016 Media Team will blow your minds away.

It will ensure whether you are at the AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa July 18th–22nd in person or not you will be fully represented and no one will be left behind. This can be seen in the diversity of the team and their experiences. Together our ages are from 17–29 and we come from India, Wales, Kenya, Rwanda, Australia, Puerto Rico, Barbados and the United States.

“Being part of the team is the best thing ever, I am so excited and cannot wait to share my thoughts and experience with the world throughout this journey. It’s a dream come true,” Lucy Wanjiku from Kenya had this to say after being selected successful applicant.

The CYWAG Media Team seeks to ensure that all young women, adolescent and girls living with HIV around the world are represented. Their needs and issues as if they were there in person. Change begins when steps are taken that involve everyone. The team will be blogging, tweeting, ‘Facebookking’, writing media releases and gathering as much information as possible. The process which has already started will climax at the AIDS 2016 Conference in Durban. Let’s get geared together as we prepare for this amazing journey.

Women united cannot be defeated, young women working for others is the true spirit of a sisters keeper for AIDS 2016.

For more information:
Jessica Whitbread
Community Mobilization Manager
International Community of Women Living with HIV