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I am strong and resilient; a conqueror destined for greatness.

I am strong and resilient; a conqueror destined for greatness. I am a life giver, a life changer, an inspiration just by being, I am me but I am also you; most importantly… I am a woman!

Real or Perceived Health Care Discrimination

Today I cried.

I am 28 weeks pregnant and still having a hard time coping with the situation, I did not want to become pregnant; NOT for this man and especially not the way in which it happened. It took me 28 weeks to admit that I am pregnant and 28 weeks to go for my first antenatal visit.

Salute ICW

Let us salute the women who became martyrs in their attempt to halt and reverse the spread of HIV. A celebration of ICW history.

I was told that my womb was risky and my breastmilk deadly

Maurine was told she was HIV positive and that would not live long enough to bear the child and if she did, her chances of infecting the child were high. With the strength of a woman, she decided to carry the baby to term. Read her story here.

Anita’s Story

Read the story of one of our brave young members, Anita, on growing up with HIV and let her empower you.

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